The majestic vistas and boundless opportunity of the West inspired us to create this grand west drinking bourbon.

Time and again, our nation has
faced great adversity,
but we have always come together
to protect those we love.
so from our families to yours, we
call on you to stay strong.

To help those in need, a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of Stafford’s Reserve Bourbon sold will be donated to the Oregon Food Bank.




We hope our small-batch, western drinking bourbon can rekindle the tradition of a shared dram between friends.

This bourbon pays homage to the sacrifice, drive and risk-taking courage of those who came before us. We crafted it to be enjoyed by everyone who has the old-fashioned gumption to resolutely chase their dreams.

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Our Traditional mash bill is comprised of

75% CORN
21% RYE
4% malted barley

These purpose sourced ingredients create a rich full flavor. Notes of sweet corn, the subtle spice of rye and the round mouthfeel of barley all combine to deliver a modern drinking whiskey suited to today’s tastes.


the west’s best Water is born in the Mountains

It just so happens that the Cascade Mountain Range artesian spring water we use to cut our bourbon to proof takes decades to filter through volcanic rock. Our water is free of radioactive residue which means it melted into the Cascade Mountains before the first nuclear explosion. It’s the best tasting water on the planet, even if we say so ourselves.


One of our great passions

is to test our resolve in the majestic canyons of the West’s great rivers. Every adventure begins with anticipation of the unknown. Stafford’s Reserve encompasses the spirit of adventure and the desire to conquer any obstacle.

Cultivated from experience, trial and error and a love of adventure, Stafford’s Reserve embraces the true spirit of the West. We are the road less traveled. Stafford’s Reserve was created to celebrate the freedom and opportunity of the great American West.

Make better choices they say! You’ll be glad you did.

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If you’d like to taste Stafford's Reserve drop us a line and we’ll let you know when it's available in your town.